Must Haves for A Family Getaway at East Resort

May 24, 2022

East Resort promises that you’ll really getaway. The allure of that guarantee is one that can’t be ignored by several types of travellers. From a family looking for a winter escape or a couple celebrating love, EAST is a beyond idyllic choice. In this Must Haves series, we list some of the things that are already here to make your vacation perfect and some of the things you’ll need to bring to make it uniquely yours. Today, we look at the Family Vacation.

Come Prepared For

An intergenerational family would really enjoy our Three Bedroom Villa. Booking this villa type gives you and yours access to an interconnected One Bedroom Studio and Two Bedroom Villa, making for a unique luxury experience. This set up allows for various room adaptations including grandparents in the One Bedroom Studio while the parents or children occupy the Villa. Alternatively, if the children are older, they can stay in the Studio while the parents and grandparents spend time in the Villa.Your new home from home will include two grand master bedrooms with four-poster king-sized beds. A third bedroom, welcoming in lush garden views offers two twin beds. Together, your family’s escape is a majestic 4,050 sq. ft. of luxe design. Sit back and enjoy the pools, hot tub, unbeatable views and all the memories you’ll make.

Come Prepared With

Now that the family has made Beach Houses your home away from home, you’ll need to assemble all the things you brought with you from home – or from Barbados:

Sunglasses, sunscreen & sunny outlooks – A sunny day in Barbados beats the weather in most places. Good news: visits to Barbados come with lots of it! Get yourself ready for warm days with your favourite sunnies, enough sunscreen to cover an entire family and of course, an infinity pool-half full perspective. Forgot these items? No worries. We’ve got them all in The Crane Village at The Crane Resort.

Games night favourites – From Taboo or Scrabble to the kids’ Nintendo Wii or Xbox, you should be sure to pack games for everyone to enjoy. The ones that make for the best group fun are always your surest picks. But be sure to have games fit for alone time too.

Everyone’s medication – Parents and grandparents will likely need to pack different medications for the course of the trip. You can make this process easier by purchasing a portable pill dispenser and packing it the night before your trip.

Grandpa’s cast iron skillet – While your Beach Houses units will have a fully-stocked kitchen there’s convenient villa delivery from the restaurants of The Crane Resort, you may want to bring a touch of home to your palate. Maybe a special family cast iron skillet will do the trick! Bring along recipes (maybe in gran’s book) and make a delectable poolside family spread.

Pool accessories – Think cute floaties for the kids in the pool and wine glass floaties for mum and dad in the hot tub.

Bajan pepper sauce – Add some pizzazz to your meals and try the local pepper sauce. You can find it at nearby stores or in The Crane Village. Forewarning: it’s not your standard hot sauce, and boy is it GOOD.

A fresh camera roll – New memories are incoming. We encourage you to live in the moment, but where you can, be sure to capture these memories so they can last for generations to come.Stay at East Resort and enjoy quality family time far away from the noise. Contact us for villa stays at +1 246 416 6531 or visit‍

Looking for a permanent family home? Contact eor call +1 246 416 6560 and ask about information regarding property ownership.