Five Amenities Crane Resorts Owners Really Love

October 5, 2015

As part of the Crane Resorts family, owners at EAST, Barbados, enjoy full access to all of the amenities and services offered by The Crane Resort.

The oldest running hotel in both Barbados and the Caribbean, since 1887, The Crane has long been considered a relaxing retreat. Today, the resort also offers world-class amenities and services – not showy or pretentious, but simply delivered with warm, personal service. We asked some of our current Crane Resorts owners to share their insider tips on their favourite amenities at the property.  Hands down, these emerged as the top five:

The Grove Beach Bar & Grill

Nestled within the natural grove of the award winning Crane Beach, this popular spot offers an authentic casual Barbadian dining experience, right on the beach. All of our owners agreed: The best part of the Grove Beach Bar and Grill is its location! Owners love that they don’t have to venture far from their lounge chairs to enjoy The Grove’s signature burgers, grilled fish, koftas, barbecued chicken and other beachside favourites. Down on the beach, there is no dress code. Your bikini and swim trunks will do – it’s as simple as that.

L’Azure Gospel Breakfast

Barbados has long been known for its churches, with over one hundred different religious denominations practiced and more than three hundred places of worship scattered across the island. Transcending religious denominations, it is the music and sounds of the choirs that rings through the island every Sunday morning.

Crane owners were clear: while not everyone may be religious, there is an undeniable draw to the live Caribbean gospel music at L’Azure’s Sunday Brunch. Yes, the menu is impressive: scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacon, Bajan fish cakes and bakes, fresh fruit, freshly baked pastries and even an omelet station to name a few items. However, Owners and guests often say that it is really the traditional Bajan Gospel Choirs that call them to L’Azure on Sunday Mornings.

In-room Spa Treatments

The Serenity Spa at The Crane is a long-time favourite of locals, guests and owners alike. The resort’s on-property, full-service spa is located within The Historic Hotel where many are pampered with a range of luxuriant massages, facials, and body treatments. However, many owners have discovered the ultimate pampering offered by the spa: in-residence treatments. Our owners revealed that while the experience of The Serenity Spa is hard to beat, there is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than enjoying a massage out on their private balcony or roof-top deck of their own residence.

The Village Café

Inspired by the heritage architecture of Barbadian design, The Crane Village is the heart of the resort, with its romantic cobblestone streets and tropical landscaped gardens. Towards the end of The Village promenade is The Village Café. Here, owners can enjoy homemade gelato and sorbets, specialty coffees, and sweet treats including fruit tarts, cakes and cupcakes, and other delicious pastries.

What owners appreciate the most about The Village Café is the convenience – you can take your coffee to go and get on your way at any time of day, or sip slowly while taking in the passing sights sitting outdoors on the beautiful terrace.

Calypso Kids Club

Launched in early summer, the Calypso Kids Club is named after the lively and traditional calypso music born out of Barbadian culture. The Calypso Kids Club caters to children ages four to twelve and ensures that there will never be a dull moment for children at The Crane, The Crane Private Residences or Beach Houses. For owners, this mean more time for fun and relaxation, while confident that the kids are safe and having fun in a supervised setting.