Barbados’ Undiscovered East Coast Hiking Trails

February 10, 2023

A great way to discover what Barbados has to offer is by throwing on that backpack and donning those walking shoes. Barbados' undiscovered landscape is yet to be explored by many, and there are many possibilities once you have embarked on your journey. The beautiful landscape provides that picture-perfect opportunity to take those stunning photos and videos for Instagram or simply to share with your family and friends. Come on, let’s get off the beaten track and head to the East Coast! The East Coast is one of the most popular hiking destinations on the island, but there are still some undiscovered East Coast hiking trails in Barbados that we think you'll enjoy. Take in the beauty of nature nestled in a tropical paradise; the fresh Barbadian breeze and warmth of the radiant sunshine on your face will reenergize your body and soul.

Bath to Abandoned Railway

Try this approximately 3.75-mile or 2.5-hour trail on one of Barbados's old railway lines. During the 1930s, the railway transported sugar cane from the estate in St. Andrew to the capital Bridgetown, according to historical records. Part of the track has now been refurbished and has become one of the island’s best hiking trails. As you venture along the line, you will encounter lush vegetation and vine passages, shaded by palm and casuarina trees. Just footsteps away to your East, the Atlantic Ocean meets the shore. The frothing ocean with its swirling waves rushes in creating the "Soup Bowl"- a delight for local surfers who can be seen skillfully maneuvering on their surfboards in the distance.

Bath Circular Waterfall Hike

If you desire to experience rich, unspoiled rural life in Barbados up close and personal, then you should take a hike through its charming villages. There are picturesque, wooded areas, gracefully flowing natural springs, and cascading waterfalls on your way to Bath. You will encounter one of the island's oldest churches, St. John’s Parish Church, during the six-mile route. This historic Anglican church was rebuilt in 1836 after a major hurricane and offers hikers a commanding view of the East Coast.

Barclays Park Chalky Mount Loop to Tent Bay

This once-in-a-lifetime view of the Atlantic Ocean above the coastal panels would capture your heart. If in pursuit of a peaceful path and quiet reflection, then this hike is one that can bring you peace of mind. Short but moderate, this hike leads from Barclays Park to Bathsheba and up to the white rocky bluff at Chalky Mount. The highlight of this hike lies at the pinnacle, Hackleton's Cliff. This landmark has a view like no other so be sure to whip out your camera to snap that photo or video once you've reached the top and taken in the breathtaking view. Although you want to truly capture this moment, not even a camera can capture it in all its glory. On route to the final stop, you encounter the rural farmlands and the rustic local villages. Before you return, you should take a visit to the jungle, where you will find the island's bushmen's traditional homes right before you return to Bathsheba. After your hike, refuel with a tasty meal," and refreshing drinks from the local restaurant, "Round House" or "Uncle Joe's Bar and Grill".

Great Train Hike

The Great Train Hike is an invigorating experience to add to your bucket list if you are fortunate enough to be in Barbados at the start of February. The hike follows the old railroad path, as the name would suggest. The journey to the end of the railroad starts in Bridgetown and spans 24 kilometers before you reach the end of the parish of St. Andrew. If you are brave enough, you can attempt the entire trek, or you can simply join at one of the several pickup spots that were formerly the actual railroad stops. Barbados is a one-of-a-kind destination! Whether you are a solo traveler or bringing along your travel buddies, you will have the opportunity to experience Barbados in a way that will leave you with a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime. Visit or email to book your stay at EAST - your best passport to some of the island’s most picturesque places for hikers of any skill level or pace.