5 Essential Stops on a Barbados East Coast Road Trip

February 20, 2023

Pack your snacks and coolers because you are about to embark on a road-trip adventure of a lifetime! Discover these five must-see attractions on Barbados’ East Coast and prepare to reconnect with the great outdoors and yourself, enjoying picturesque views and adventures along the way.


Rest assured, Bathsheba will be one of the highlights of your trip. Surfers ride the waves with skill and poise while coconut trees line the bay, reminding you that you’ve reached paradise and encouraging you to forget all your cares. Home to the famous “Soup Bowl” with 15’ waves regularly featured between November and April, Bathsheba is host to many international and local surf championships annually.Though Bathsheba is known for its rip tides and undertows, don’t be discouraged! On hot days, you can cool down in one of the many shallow coral pools carved out by the ocean. The surf will rush in and swirl like a natural Jacuzzi as you lay back and take in the scenes while sipping the refreshing Crane Rum punch you packed for the adventure.Insider Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Sleeping Giant’ – a unique rock formation in the rugged coastline overlooking the beach.

Harrison's Cave

Driving deeper into Barbados, you will discover one of the island’s seven wonders - Harrison's Cave. Located in the centre of the island, less than 20 minutes drive from Bathsheba, this is one of the island’s most popular attractions. The Cave is a natural formation developed by water erosion seeping through limestone rock. Throughout the Cave, you’ll find breathtaking stalagmites and stalactites, which grow about a cubic inch every 1000 years, along with flowing streams that run over 2 kilometres long. Now, put on your hard hats and headlamps and discover the inner beauty of a Harrison's Cave Tour. You can choose from their Harrison's Cave Signature Park Pass, Craft Cave and Nature Adventure, and more!

Morgan Lewis Windmill

The Morgan Lewis Windmill is deeply rich in Barbadian history as the island’s only intact sugar-producing windmill and one of only two remaining in the world. Though regular sugar cane production at this windmill ceased in 1947, The Barbados National Trust dedicates one Sunday a month during the annual Sugar Season to showcase to visitors the centuries-old traditions of sugar cane production.

Cherry Tree Hill and St. Nicholas Abbey

Home to St. Nicholas Abbey, Cherry Tree Hill sits eight hundred and fifty feet above sea level, with breathtaking views of the island’s East Coast. This mansion is one of three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere and offers free guided historical tours and a collection of antiques and artefacts dating back over 350 years. Visitors can also tour the distillery, where St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced adjacent to the surrounding property with views from Cherry Tree Hill, or ride on the newest attraction, the St. Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway.

Animal Flower CaveOne of the unique pinnacles of Barbados’ nature offering rests in the most northern part of the island - the Animal Flower Cave. Be awed at once by the simplicity and elegance as you watch the crashing waves enter the cave from the Atlantic Ocean. This natural sea cave’s formations also tell a story, with walls wonderfully coloured by the oxidation of copper and iron. Here, you’ll also find The Cave Restaurant offering a wide range of local cuisines such as the Breadfruit Taco and cold refreshing drinks. Be sure to stop by the stalls to purchase some local jewellery and arts and crafts.

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